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Bible I'm Eying and Excited About

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Normally not one to advertise things like this but wow, had to share this.  I'm a total Bishop Robert Bannon/Word on Fire fan boy, one of those few people who makes me think maybe i'm wrong about a few things.   Anyway, wow this thing is gorgeous!  I can't wait till it comes out!  I'd throw my credit card at my monitor if Jesus/Mary would appear out of nowhere with the thing in hand, doubt that will happen though ;_;




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Looks like a multi-volume project, with just the Gospels out in June 2020, and other volumes later.  Interesting that Bishop Barron chooses to put it in NRSV form.  That is a very good translation, but I would have preferred the New Jerusalem Bible, which is a brilliant Roman Catholic translation.  As to Bishop Barron, I love to listen to him speak on any subject.  I imagine that his editorial and scholarly work in these coming volumes is first rate.

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