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Any Great Movies, That This Downtime Has Allowed You to Discover?

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I like stumbling unto movies that I never heard of while in theaters, but they turn out to be really great finds. I have found a number of them since this pandemic has let me with even more free time. I have already seen a few, some that are just my type of movie, others that are five ️. 

One movie I happened upon, was entitled...

A Lonely Place To Die”. 

As I think of more, I thought maybe some of you could share what you have found, so I can look for them. 


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No movie in particular, but I have been watching a telenovela called "La Hija del Mariachi" (The Daughter of the Mariachi) about a young woman, the daughter of a dead Mariachi.  She is featured as "El Lucero de Mexico" in a Mariachi group playing continuously at a restaurant-bar called La Plaza Garibaldi in Bogota, Colombia.  It is a love story about her and a rich Mexican fugitive from Mexico who is hiding out in Bogota.  Here is a particularly evocative scene from the series:



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On 4/29/2020 at 10:16 AM, The Nehor said:

I watched "Contagion". Not a great movie but very prescient but probably not a good escape movie right now.

I read an article by a psychologist that said it’s actually a great movie to watch right now because it provides a sense of closure when the scientists win against the virus. 

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