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Happy Easter to All


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6 minutes ago, Navidad said:

It is Good Friday morning here in Chihuahua. I want to wish everyone on this forum a "Happy Easter" weekend. In my tradition Easter is the most sacred time of the year. I am going to honor that by taking a fast from the Mormon Dialogue and Discussion Board. It is all to easy to get into debates and discussions here that at times, I believe do not honor the Savior. I have been part of that at times. So, to honor the Savior; his suffering, death, and resurrection I am going to take a fast from the forum. I wish you all the very best during this challenging time. May we each appreciate Christ's sufferings on our behalf and celebrate his victory over death that gives each one of us hope, joy, and confidence. That is something we all have in common. Blessings and peace to each one of you!


Well said.  I will join you in that fast.  Signing off.  Best wishes to you.  

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What a great idea! I was going to fast today, and instead when I woke up I was on auto pilot, got my bran flakes and cut up bananas and then O.J. And then my diet Dr. Pepper. And then sadly realized I was suppose to fast. So now I'm going to go without food for the rest of the day and hope I won't cave. Also, hope I don't cave and come on the board! Happy Easter! :)

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