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Andrea Bocelli: Free Virtual Easter Concert

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I appreciate it too.  

I'm not one who likes concerts much.  I'm a touch, then visual person and then audio is way down the list.  I'm also one who really isn't into this kind of music, but I deeply loved Andre Boceli's "Time to Say Goodbye" and felt I should watch this knowing it would be close to what it was since I know what else he sings.

It was just right.  The timing was long enough, but not too long. The pictures and the view of the cathedral helped sustain my interest. And somehow, more than normal the music was more to me than it normally would be.  

I went to Italy years ago because I felt Heavenly Father wanted me to go.  When I first started watching videos in preparation I was asking "why are we going?  I don't like architecture. I don't like religious art. I don't drink wine. I'm not fond of most seafood (the videos I was watching gave me the impression there was a lot more sea food than I had thought previously and it made sense give how much coastline compared to land).

But just before we left I finally thought of getting art books to learn from which got me excited to see art. 

Then going it was life changing for me. I began to appreciate and love architecture.  I understood art more and saw why the master artists were called masters.  My relationship with my husband grew even stronger walking around discovering it all.

Watching the concert took me back to those days and I found an appreciation for this type of music that I hadn't had previously.  

It was emotional for me as he stood out in front of the cathedral at the end.  I didn't go to Milan, but having been to other famous cathedrals in Italy I can imagine what it usually would have looked like with all the people. I thought of how this is a rare time it must be to see it in the day light with it being almost empty of people and yet he wasn't able to see it.  

I'm not sure how to explain my feelings about it. Here is was giving people all over the world his beautiful gift and unable to appreciate what it looked like. It just moved me.

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