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Will Tomorrow Matter as Much as I Hope? or Will it Matter More Than Usual?

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I am sure that due to this “pandemic”, as well as the 200th year anniversary of the “First Vision”, more members (including inactive members, former members, and investigators) will tune in, or so I hope. One of the many tragedies of this pandemic, is that many in poorer countries, or poorer members will not have satellite TV, and will not be allowed to attend gatherings in Wards or State Centers, or even members homes who can get General Confidence. Of course, thankfully many members who have computers, IPhones, Ipads, etc, will be able to tune in this way, or so I hope. Many around the world do not, or will not have the luxury of having it broadcast of local TV stations, as do Utah and surrounding States. Something I just shared with someone else, is that those who watch Conference, even if only to criticize the words of our leaders, maybe even they might feel the Holy Spirit, which might include splinter groups...so “here’s hoping”.  

This brings me to another question that I am pondering. Even if we have a much larger audience, what will those who have recently, or long ago hardened their hearts hear or take away from this General Conference? The scriptures make clear that many who have hardened their hearts, often cannot feel the Holy Spirit, while others have their hearts softened, and have, in the past, returned unto the fold. My hope is that the latter occurs, and all my brothers and sisters, even those who no longer see me as their brother, again, “watch, listen and pray”, and come unto the fold. Today and into the night, I will be watching the last General Conference, and will enter into prayer, that I may prepare for this weekend’s General Conference. This BTW is not new, I do this every, Thursday and Friday prior to General Conference, something I highly recommend. 

As a poll, what other habits do others of you do, to prepare for General Conference, this way with your comments or suggestions, I might find other ways to make personal preparations. With this thread, I pray all of you are well, and your families are as well. God bless you all, or as we say I. The Sunny South, “YA’LL. 

Your brother,


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I reread the Joseph Smith History in the Pearl of Great Price this morning. Leading up to this I reread all the First Vision accounts, listened to the First Vision podcast, and hope this means I get to have an equivalent vision myself. Then again, it might consume me entirely so maybe not.

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