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Finally, I Was Able to Get Help, and Too Help!

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After two months of back and forth, I was finally able to get a new roof, as a result of the tornado that hit in January. Some may remember that my property got hit by a tornado in January, actually the 2nd such damage to my property in the last six years. The first tornado (since buying this home six years ago) took out my well house, more like destroyed it, two years ago. This tornado took out about 40 trees on my property, and did serious damage to my roof. Since then we have suffered from many hard driving rain storms, that have caused leaks, and every attempt to cover it with tarps, met with disaster. We had finally gotten a check to do the repairs, as my insurance company had few working. As a result of the sudden downturn in the economy, has made it difficult, but then we had companies at the ready; overnight!

Since I finally had the money to make the repairs, I was not going to take advantage of someone really hurting for work. So, I hired someone whom family and friends had used, but I refused to take advantage of their company. The odd thing is that some, even these companies were wondering why I would pay full market value. I don’t think this says much about me, as it does about the mindset of others. The company I used were in awe that I dealt square without them, instead of throwing them under the bus for my own gain. Anyway, I can now say, “let it rain”! Just no, more “TORNADOS“, please! I love the work they did, and I am glad I was able to employ a few people at least for a couple of days. I do however fear, there will be many more difficult days ahead, be it, personal, emotional, or financial. Let us all pray that tomorrow’s fast and prayer, are successful for us all both Spiritually and Financially, but “Spiritually, most of all”, this will enable us to endure it well.  

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12 minutes ago, Bill “Papa” Lee said:

odd thing is that some, even these companies were wondering why I would pay full market value.

Bet it feels good to have a solid roof again.

It is sad that people think this is the time to get a deal.  It is one thing if it has to be done and they are hurting too, then it can be a win win for both; but when it is someone taking advantage of others in a tight situation, that is wrong.

We have a cement pad we need out for the motorcycle (or it will turn the side of the house into a mud bath) so I can put my van back in the garage by the heat of summer.  And my husband wants a shed out back to free up our workshop of lawn mowers and such...though me, I think we just need a good purging.

If they could come into the house, I would consider this is the time to do a bathroom renovation so I can finally have a bath that can fit more than a cat in it, but that will have to wait.  I think if we do get government money, that is what it will go towards this summer if we open up again.

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48 minutes ago, Calm said:

Bet it feels good to have a solid roof again.

It does indeed, we have already had one of the wettest winters on record here in the Atlanta area. I was frightened that the Spring rains would come before I got a new roof, and I would have too much damage to fix. While they were doing this, we spent the money to replace large sections of the decking. We did this to insure that we had a roof that would last us the rest of our lives, of course “our lives without tornadoes”. Which  of course, “as I live in tornado alley“, and we are just entering that season! We have rain moving in tomorrow, so it feels great to be ready for it. 

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