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The Pirate Hymn


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Ohmigosh, a little internet searching reveals that the man who composed the tune to "Who's on the Lord's Side?" was Henry Russell, an English composer who was apparently fairly popular in his day (middle of the 19th century). His most famous tune was "A Life on the Ocean Wave," a nautical ditty which may sound familiar...


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17 hours ago, webbles said:

He mentioned a Disney pirate movie that had the song and I tried to track that down.  The closest I found was Thurl Ravenscroft singing it from Treasure Island Disney Story.

I don't know how to embed youtube in the post, so this is just a link back to youtube.


Wow, hearing Thurl Ravenscroft (of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" fame) sing it is WAY better than the guy who sang it in the video I shared!

Thanks for finding this rendition!

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