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Two Anecdotes Re: Most Foreign Missionaries Coming Home

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I don't know rongo. I just know it was the answer to prayers for some. I'm trying to share things like this because I hope it can help others. I don't have all the answers, but I don't want to hold back something that actually might help.

I get that it has been incredibly tough. I can see how there are no choices that seem pleasant to many of the missionaries. I can see that maybe mistakes were made.  

With my experiences this far in life I would just need to grieve with her if I were her mom.

Then when the time was right I would have her pray again over it all, being willing to accept that maybe she understood the answer right in the first place and being willing to accept that or being willing to accept what she understood originally was wrong and do whatever needs to be done to correct it.

Either way it will be a big learning experience for her. If she can let this process help her draw closer to the Lord then she won't regret it.

If she still feels she understood wrong originally, then I would have her counsel with the Lord of what she should do next.  Maybe wait till this has settled. Maybe talk to the bishop/SP about getting her call again. Who knows.

Over and over again with everything going on in my life now I know that being irritated with all that is going on now would just tear me apart.  I feel a deep pain inside me and I'm finding it is ok to let myself feel that. I'm finding forgiveness is so important for me to give and accept. I just need to be still, patient and wait and little by little I am finding peace through it all.  

I hope the best for her and all those struggling.

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Here's a video that was shared on my former neighborhood's FB group that I thought was touching. 


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