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No Funeral Potatoes


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I went to an LDS funeral on Saturday and there were no funeral potatoes served at the family meal following the dedication of the grave. Mexican food was served (a favorite of the deceased).

By the way, I really like the different versions of funeral potatoes that I have eaten over the years.

Funeral Potatoes

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I think as talk about them grew in popularity they began to be served less.  Also  I found they were served more with ham.  Ham is easy to prepare. Now though ham seems to have gone out of popularity in many places.

I really prefer funeral potatoes with the square hashbrowns instead of the shredded.  And no cornflake butter topping.

And definitely no frosted flake topping like my sister-in-law had in the south.  I was willing to try it once, but it totally changes it.

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I love them, and occasionally will fix a small batch for myself... every after funeral dinner at church has served them... I use shredded potatoes...


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