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A Point of Pride, a Point of Sorrow, Surrounding My Faith.

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On Facebook, everyone I know (or have listed) be they family or friends, are all people who are professing Christians, via one denomination or another. So daily, at least some, if not most will post something on Facebook, that is “pro-Faith”. As a Latter-day Saint, it used to be very lonely at Church, with my family being small many decades ago. I would of course see many friends on Sunday’s, but not so much during the week. Now, I have a large family, via wife, children and grandchildren, and by marriage I have about 40 family members in our Ward alone each Sunday. Also, the Church has gained a large amount of members in the South now, so we see friends all the time when we are out, in stores and restaurants, along with a lot of social activities. As I try to live the “13th Article of Faith”, I will comment on, and forward anything, of any Faith that I believe to, “be praiseworthy, or of good report”, no matter the source. I was raised in a strong Christian environment, and very large immediate, and extended family, so I have that strong family connection. I know that I am loved very much by my family and friends, but when I did not enter the ministry, and many thought I would, and become a Latter-day Saint, many were puzzled, and even upset. However, over time they saw the commitment that I had, and became more accepted to a degree. I would once again, be asked to pray a family reunions, and even to speak at funerals, and even most of my poetry is well received, but this is where it ends. 

When I see clips of conference talks, not those that openly promote the Church, but do encourage things like living a Christ centered life, no one but fellow members will forward it, or comment. When I talk about how many different minorities who said great things in a Sacrament talk, or in context, just mention that I attend Church with minorities, no one comments, or passes on the message. Of course other Latter-day Saints will do so, but barely a handful of my family and friends have never attended Church with someone of another race. Here in the South, or Georgia, the words of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. words still ring true, that “11:00 on Sunday, is the most segregated hour of the week”. Even if I post poetry that has aspects of “LDS Doctrine”, in them they become ignored. I, or the things I post, if they are Jewish quotes, or Muslim quotes, are also ignored, unless it is a Jew or Muslim, who has, or had converted to Christianity. Many decades ago, my oldest daughter wanted her cousin to spend the night on a Saturday night, but she said out loud, “I am not going to some Mormon Church”! When my sister got on to her about blurting that out, I told my sister, “she is only 10 years old, she did not come up with that one her own”. My sister was embarrassed of course, because she knew that that “seed” was planted by my own sister. Other than my parents, who attended every time I spoke in Sacrament, no one from my family has ever come to Church, despite the fact, that when something big is going on, or even if I am asked, I always accept. 

So, I am proud that many races attend the same Ward together, I am proud that things that are, “praiseworthy and of good report”, my friends who are members will pass it on. But, I am often sorrowful that most, if not any of those I love will not know such joy, or pass along wonderful advice, only because of the source. When my wife, or myself pass away, many will come to our funerals, but I know others will stay away, just because they do not believe we, or I am a Christian anymore. 

Do, I make too much of such things? Also, how many here feel as if you are alone, and will always be alone, due to the Faith that you have chosen? I know that even some Latter-day Saints, also “boycott”, for lack of a better term, that which is filled with wisdom, because they may feel the same way. On whole, the last 41 years of my life in the Church, both our teaching and doctrine, makes us more app to find wisdom form all sources. In short, those who believe and understand the “Article of Faith”, as doctrine, will lead us to follow the admonition of the Apostle Paul, given in “Article 13th”.



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23 minutes ago, Bill “Papa” Lee said:

Do, I make too much of such things? Also, how many here feel as if you are alone, and will always be alone, due to the Faith that you have chosen?


No, not one bit, the church has given me a great deal of Fellowship, and a huge family.

Do I feel ostracized by my culture here in California for being LDS?


It is almost to the level of "persecution."

I hear negative comments about the church probably two or three times a week, knowing grins and pokes, raised eyebrows, when the word "Utah" is even mentioned. 

This case with the missing children hasn't helped any, it's all over the media. "Yet another wako cult from Utah."

I guess we just have to be strong and "forgive them for they know not what they do."

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I "share" things very rarely.  At one point it might have been nice, but when you have a few 100 friends sharing an article, talk, website etc every day and for some 10x a day then it will take you longer to see them than there are hours in a day.  

For this reason I just look at my notifications and not my wall and I  only look when people have posted personal stories and extremely rarely when people "share" something.  I'd rather be DOING something than being on social media all day.

Last year I posted a picture of the day that represented something in my day. It may be the sunset, my meal, something funny I saw, a family member.   Near the end of the year I went through and looked at what was most liked or commented on.  The majority were pictures of family members doing something special - prom, going on a mission, graduation, the family all together.

It makes total sense when you think about it. I know social media has been a great way to share what is out there, but people are tired of the advertising end of it all - not talking about commercial advertising, I'm talking about advertising "this great article".  It's overload .

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