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Hit by Tornado, Yes in January!

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A few days ago, the Atlanta area was under a “Tornado Watch”, and luck (my luck) being what it is, my property got hit. My wife had gone to the Airport to pick up a family member, when an incredible storm kicked up. So, I was alone and hearing the wind blowing very hard, so I opened my back door, and got knocked backwards by my door. So I watched from a window fearing my very large and heavy carport would blow away. Once the storm had passed, I could see tree limbs down, I had roof damage, but thought maybe it was just strong winds. Once I had power restored, I heard that a Tornado touched down in my town. But, I have just been too sick for such a long time, I just figured I would clean up the yard later. 

This morning, the sky was clear and I watched as the sun rise on my front yard, which is 2.5 acres of grass, with just a couple of trees. As I looked out the window, I noticed that the sunrise patterns on my lawn, were much larger and longer. To the East of my house (about 100 yards) I have two outbuildings, and a large wooded area that slopes up hill from my house. So, I decided to go take a look, many of my trees (20 or more), of the trees were twisted and broken in half, and about 20 other trees were down altogether. These are trees that on average stand 200-300’ or more. Thankfully everything was blown away from my home and my outbuildings, sparing the main structures. My roof has to be repaired and replaced almost everywhere. But thankfully, no one was hurt, and no cars were at home to be damaged. 

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3 hours ago, Amulek said:

Having grown up in Tornado Alley, I know what kind of damage those things can do - even the little ones. 

Very glad to hear everyone is safe.


Still remembering going outside as a kid to look at the damage and getting a dirty look (or so it felt to me) from the neighbour picking up the glass shards from our large window that had for some reason blown out allover his back lawn rather than ours, almost a full length of the house distance.  (The pane was a fifth of the floor to ceiling kitchen bow window, the storm panel...lots of glass; it blew out because a year or two before my brother had fallen back and taken out the bottom square and my parents had never got around to replacing it...oops).

So grateful no one had been stupid enough to be outside, including all the local dogs.  Didn't see any shards embedded in trees or the playhouse my dad made, but the image of it blowing out was and is disturbing (it was at night, so couldn't see what happened, remember using a vinyl tablecloth wrapped around a kitchen chair turned sideways to try and stop the rain from coming in, parents weren't home for some reason).

Can't remember if that was the time we lost some bricks out of the wall...guess the mortar must have deteriorated in that one place.  My dad turned it into a virtue by enlarging the hole to put a permanent window AC in for the master bedroom.  Much nicer than blocking their one window.

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On 1/16/2020 at 6:38 PM, Bill “Papa” Lee said:

So, I decided to go take a look, many of my trees (20 or more), of the trees were twisted and broken in half, and about 20 other trees were down altogether.

This would have me in tears.

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On 1/17/2020 at 8:39 PM, Calm said:

This would have me in tears.

I will sell the trees for firewood, and use some of the money to repair the roof. This is our second brush in 7 years, the last took out my well house, about 3 years ago. I think this time, since I have a hill that can aid in the future, time to build a storm shelter. 

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