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Update on Story Re: Missing Kids (Daybell)

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8 minutes ago, Anijen said:

Since Conspiracy is a different charge she could be charged both with murder and conspiracy.

Would that mean two different charges that could be served consecutively (though likely concurrently)?

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16 hours ago, Calm said:

Would that mean two different charges that could be served consecutively (though likely concurrently)?

That would be up to the judge, I think.  My thinking on it would be that we want to encourage neither murder nor anything "like unto it," as well as discouraging anything that might lead to it, such as a conspiracy.  Therefore, if it were up to me, she wouldn't get to "conspire" for free: she could do separate sentences for each crime.  (That's assuming that she doesn't get life for the murder.)

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21 hours ago, Calm said:

Someone pointed out on websleuths that generally speaking jail conditions (where potentially innocent defendants wait for trial when not out on bail) tend to be better than prison conditions, more privileges, etc. That combined with sentences giving credit for times served, if one anticipates serving some time after a trial in prison, delaying a trial for a long time is not a bad idea as more jail time means less prison time. Her setup sounds boring but comfortable enough with her own cell and limited contact with other inmates in the shared area if anyone else is in there, outside once a day.  So her lawyer asking for extensions isn’t surprising to me, especially given the amount of discovery I believe there is with all the phone stuff and possibly court documents from her lawsuits.

The biggest question is how this extended attention is getting paid for. Maybe Means isn’t that busy otherwise and hopes this case brings him higher visibility or perhaps the Coxes are footing the bill or somehow LVD managed enough self control she stashed money away when she was paying bills and such as apparently Charles Vallow was okay with her handling that side of their life. 

I think that most likely, the Cox family is paying her bills, as I doubt Chad can foot both their legal bills anymore.  The Cox family was blindly, astonishingly supportive of Lori before the children's bodies were found and I doubt that has changed--it is an ingrained pattern in that family to support Lori in whatever she did.  I seriously doubt Lori has the ability to control her desires for anything and everything she wanted enough to have stashed away any money while she had the chance, and her pattern was to have others paying for everything she wanted as she went along with life.  I think we see that with her earlier husband Joseph Ryan and this continued unabated with Charles Vallow.  She then slipped into that same pattern with Chad, living off the insurance money from Tammy's death, and so there's no reason to think this isn't continuing, but now her extended family, the Coxes (maybe not including the one brother) are probably paying her legal bills. imo

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