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Kansas City is the geographic equivalent of Basel Switzerland.


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The city referred to as the New Jerusalem in the US, Kansas City Missouri, share  remarkable characteristics, to Basel Switzerland,  it's geographic equivalent in Europe. It is wort noting, that Basel and Switzerland in general, served as a place of refuge from Europe's conflicts, over many centuries, it has also been the base for the Religious Reformation, which enabled the birth pf Protestant America. These function are all expected from the New Jerusalem in Kansas City, Missouri, when at some point in the future, the US is engulfed  by civil and religious strife. It might be concluded that the Swiss Plateau and Missouri's Ozark Plateau  are both designated "Mount Zions" , serving the will of god in different eras. That which has been in the past, shall be repeated in the future.


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Yeh, but the geographic center of North America is at Center, Oliver County, North Dakota.  https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/new-calculations-reposition-geographical-center-north-america-1-180961932/ .

On the other hand, the late Rev Wesley P. Walters (Presbyterian) used to claim that Joseph Smith conceived of the Kingdom of God as one gigantic Masonic Lodge, in which the Worshipful Master in the East is Jesus, while the Senior Warden in the West is Joseph (with Nauvoo opposite and somehow parallel to Jerusalem). 

However the latitudes north of Rome 41.9028° N, Constantinople 41.0082° N, and Kirtland, Ohio 41.6289° N might be important as imperial headquarters.

But; then there are Nauvoo, Illinois 40.5500° N and Salt Lake City 40.7608° N, a couple more imperial hubs.

There is also Cairo, Egypt 30.0444° N, nearby the ancient Egyptian capital Memphis, Egypt 29.84313 N, and Petra, Jordan 30.3285° N  (the ancient site to which all Muslims first bowed in prayer).

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