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A Christmas Tragedy, prayers please!

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One of my oldest friends and family within the Church, have had a horrible thing occur, so I am asking for prayers. This family has given their lives to the Faith in so many ways. My son’s oldest friend, was in a terrible car accident today. A drunk driver doing 78MPH, crashed into this family of six, sending many family members to various trauma centers, all critical, and two children life-flighted due to the serious nature of injuries. One being only eight who has fluid on his brain, and many of these injuries will insure they will not all spend Christmas together, not even in the same hospital. The father and grandfather, of this family has served in my Stake Presidency, a member of our Mission Presidency, and if memory serves, in our Area Presidency. Sadly he (President West) and his wife, and most of their children, and grandchildren live here in Georgia, but Taylor West, and his family life in Utah, which is where the accident occurred. 

So please, be in prayer for all. 

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13 hours ago, MustardSeed said:

I’m sorry to hear, it’s so hard when tragedy hits at Christmas time, or at all.  

It is indeed, It truly puts my own Christmas into perspective. Everyone I love most in this world are all safe, all happy, and will be here tomorrow. It will be chaotic, it will be loud, and it will be wonderful. This as 18 of the “Lee Clan”, will all be home, under my roof, as I will count my many blessings, and “name them one by one”. 

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