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14 hours ago, Stargazer said:

It won't let me see it either. I'm in the UK, but I can change my location via VPN to the US and I bet I can see it...  

Edited to add: Yep. I switched to being in New York City, and then I can see it.

I don't know how to do that.

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On 7/5/2020 at 7:30 PM, rodheadlee said:

Ok, thanks 

I've never tried a free VPN. I use ExpressVPN, which costs money.

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I love science videos when they are mashed up with music. One of my favorite YouTube channels is "acapellascience" where physicist Tim Blais produces science-oriented parodies of popular songs. Here's one of my favorites from his channel: "PLUTO MARS: Outbound Probe". It is about the New Horizons probe which flew by dwarf planet Pluto back in July 2015. This video came out just a few days before the fly-by. The song is a parody of "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars.


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