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Giiving Machines.


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Saw em last week, finally figured out how they work.  You put money in and the church automatically donates the money.  Here, it goes to local charities as well as Catholic Charities, one of my personal favs.  That's impressive, i'd never discuss religion with a stranger, even then I have to know someone very, very well before I would even consider such a discussion.  Seeing something like this which does work hand in hand with local charities is really neat, way to go LDS church.

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They had these in the Orem, Utah university mall.  Maybe about 5 or 6 of them.  Besides several people standing in front of each, there was a roped line of at least 20 people waiting.  This was at 4 PM on a Thursday.  Mall was on the lighter side of traffic, imo.

Except down by these machines.  Made my heart swell a bit.  If we hadn't been on a deadline to meet someone, I would have taken the time for a closer look.

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