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Mental Health and Red Flag laws


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Know i'm being a pest today but well, this site is such a good resource so here I go.  Anyone have experience with mental health and red flag laws/firearms rights?  I've heard from vets before that half the reason they were paranoid about getting help was they didn't want it to affect their career as well as possibly having their gun rights taken away.  I'm far better now than i've been in years but still debate about going to a psychologist.  Red flag laws scare me, I left a state a few years ago that's really having problems with that, people are making bogus calls to the police and people are having their guns taken away.  We have the same laws in my state now and well, with the way people are anymore it has me worried.  Your help is appreciated.

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Red flag laws generally have sufficient due process that those who are identified without reason have the ability to get out of the jam.   People who have mental illness that affect their judgment about reality and danger, or who show an inability to contain anger or hatred (sometimes disguising or not so disguising pain or frustration), shouldn't have guns (in many cases shouldn't drive cars, or live with other mortals, either --- though red flag laws focus on those who have unrestricted access to guns).

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