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Hey all! I've been lurking on this forum for a bit, reading threads and the like, and I've decided to just step in myself. I can't seem to start a topic on the General Discussions board just yet, which is a bit of a shame, but hopefully the conversations will be good!

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25 posts gets you thread starting rights in all forums, not just here as well as ability to edit your posts and give rep points (likes).  Welcome to the board.

While the search function lacks a lot, it will search the past year of topics so you might be able to find an appropriate topic to add your comment to.  It would be nice to indicate that you are reactivating an old thread to help avoid some of the confusion that happens when this occurs (people responding to posters not currently around is the only difficulty).

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Hello OGHoosier...

Welcome... I always ask new posters to give us a general idea about themselves... i.e., general home area (I think of Hoosiers as Indiana)... interests/hobbies... dog person or cat person?  And whatever else of a gen nature they feel comfortable sharing... 

from the beautiful central Oregon coast... GG (widowed, 78 years old, faithful LDS)

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