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Answered Prayer, now asking for your prayers.

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In July, I decided not to lay down and die. During my final years in Law Enforcement, as my knees were making more vigorous activities unsustainable. I used my technical training and became Chief Electrical Inspector, (City of Atlanta) which is still Law Enforcement. This had me working as the Department head over a number of officers, arson investigations, etc. Which also had me working with Adult Protective Services, and Child Protective Servces. One can scarce take it the horrors, of how and where people will place their own family into, and what they will do to their own kin (flesh and blood). It was a very rewarding part of Law Enforcement, and I did at times, serve as President of Local and State Boards, that sought to agree on similar tactics and practices to address many of the same urban and inner city issues.   

So in July, I decided to attend the Georgia State Conference of Inspectors, an organization I have served as President, and long time board member, in the past. I just wanted everyone to know, that although I have limitations due to my back injury, I nor my mind were dead yet. I even called ahead to offer my assistance, to do anything if needed. My offers however were declined, for the most part, that due to prior planning all bases were covered. Upon my arrival, many were stunned to see me walking, others had heard I was near death and bedridden (which does happen at times), and others thought I was overcome with Alzheimer’s. About 10:00PM, the night before the conference was to begin, a long time friend and Secretary of the Association, wanted to let me know, there was a slim chance the Moderator for the first day’s Code Panel might be late, or not make it at all. He wanted to know, if I could read over all the questions, that the Code Panel had to address, just in case. So, I read for about an hour that night, but when I got to the Conference Ballroom, I thought I had seen the Moderator, so I went back upstairs to skip the “opening exercises”, so to speak. I then got a phone call in my room, that the a Moderator was not there, and the Code Pabel was starting in 10 minutes, can you please help! 

I collected my computer, code books, said a prayer with my wife, and went to do something I had not done in years. After the first hour, two of the Code Panelists, introduced themselves to me, but little more. For the next hour, three of the five had been leaning back, watching as I spoke or added input, over and again. When we broke for lunch, I asked if their was a problem, seeking to know why they kept leaning back and watching me? They said, we just could not see your computer, and from what you were reading. I told them, I had no computer, no notes, as I had not had almost anytime to prepare. Puzzled, they asked; then what are you reading on your IPad? I told them I was reading a Church talk and looking at my Facebook account, as I listened in on their answers, they had all the written answers on a shared PowerPoint. Two of them, then for the second time, reached out to shake  my hand, a second time to ask; “who are you again”? As the day wore on, I felt stronger each hour than the one before, as God was answering my prayers. By the end of the day, I was getting cards, giving out my number, and being asked to teach again. 

My physical limitations, will keep me from taking on all of the classes, but others locally are booked. I offered to do some for free, to raise money for the State Organization, but others will pay, and pay well. I was willing to do all for free, telling people, I just want to teach again, and give my mind something to do. As I told one person, “I am seeking to pull one foot out of the grave, and I am choosing to live again”. I went on to say, “it turns out my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, want me to live again”! 

I say none of this to boast, but to give praise to our a loving God and Father, who answers prayers, for even one such as myself. The reality is, that I have my first upcoming class in two weeks, I have been in bed for a few days, from an infection that almost cost me my right foot, or more. But, I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe that “the prayers of the righteous, availeth much”. I believe their are many here who are righteous, and some here who even care about me, or maybe even love me. Therefore, I have come here to post, and bear witness of the power of prayer and of our loving God, and to ask for the aide of any who will, to pray that I can do this. 

As always, know long posts such as this are done on an iPad, and forgive any (well all) errors. 

Your brother in Jesus Christ,

Bill “Papa” Lee 

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On 9/9/2019 at 2:05 PM, rpn said:

Happy for your second wind.

I truly pray this is a second wind, maybe just the answer to a prayer. I will take either one, as my wife worries so much, and prays that to some degree, I can re-engage the world, for her sake and for the sake of letting some of my grandchildren, to see the man I once was. I have had a merciful God allow me to teach at times, or to speak in Sacrament. He also answered the prayer that I was able, to fulfill the duties I had to do, that has now allowed me a change to teach some classes. Each of these classes are 4 hours in length, so that Contractors can meet they State required obligations for continuing educate, for each calendar year. These classes pay well, which is great, but some I donate to raise money for the origination, I am seeking to assist. For me, it gives me a chance to get out of the house, and once again be a part of a much larger community. At my age, leaving my knowledge as a teacher to a rising, or risen community (Profession) means much more to me than compensation. I have in my almost 36 years in teaching, have left a large footprint, but I wish to do more (or as much as I can). Not for vanities sake, but so that so as much as I know, can remain in the minds of those to which the future remains. I am also going to take a much younger friend of mine, who has always wanted to teach, so that I can help him know what he needs to know. This that he may be experienced, and confident enough to do the same. He is a member of my former Ward, has worked with and for me for 10+ years. He is like a son to me, I have taught him much, and I often refer to his as my third son. 

Having said all of this, I want all to know, and you who have giving me such good advice over the past years, that I am not boasting. But to ask you and all for your prayers, since I had a very close call, due to my diabetes, I almost lost my big toe on my right foot. I have been very careful with my blood sugars, but a tiny infection became so bad, that I ended up in the Hospital, going through a series of powerful antibiotics, which saved me from a painful operation. In fact, I am almost finished with the prescription I got before going home. Still taking the steroids, due to a strain of Lopus I have that created and entirely different set of problems. Anyway, probably way to much information that most ever want to know. For that, I can only beg forgiveness in advance. Anyway, things are looking good for September 23, when the first class begins. So, here’s hoping? 

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On 9/9/2019 at 2:29 PM, Tacenda said:

I love this Papa! Such an awesome experience. You showed them! ;) I hope this continues onward and upward! 

You know I cannot give you rep point,  so here is a +1. I remember writing you a response to thank you, but I must have hit the wrong key to post it. Anyway, I thank you for saying so, please believe that, I did not post this to boast, but to give thanks to God, and to really ask for prayers, nothing more. I had hoped that many decades long friends would have said they would pray for me, as I miss conversing with them from time to time. But, it would seem as with all life, there is an ebb and flow with all things. Of course I do hope I have not offended any, and if so, I did so out of “state of ignorance”...a state, that sadly I know well. 

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