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Queztal Codex: More Proof the Mesoamerica Georaphy Theory was Plagiarized from RLDS

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Book of Mormon Foundation (BOMF) https://www.bomf.org/ started from the apostate The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (RLDS) now calling itself The Community of Christ (CofC) with the “Restoration Branches” which split off of CofC.

Here: https://www.bomf.org/bmf-history.html

On its site is the Queztal Codex: https://www.bomf.org/quetzal-codex.html , with sporadic publications (sporadic as in dates of publication). Notice the bottom two links to short articles mentioning “Mesoamerica” and complaining about the “Heartland Model” and “Rod Meldrum.”

In the one page article “Book of Mormon Geography Remains a Hot Topic,” Louise Edward Hills is mentioned as the FIRST to place the setting solely in Mesoamerica, quoting John L. Sorenson : ab2b2af19abd38d8bcfa83c563ac1ba8?AccessK

Hills is mentioned in more of these Queztal Codex articles.

Here is Louise Edward Hills book for your perusal: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89058377359;view=1up;seq=5

Here is Oliver Cowdery writing in Letter VII that the final battles of the Jaredites and Nephites occurred at the Hill Cumorah in New York:


Ha ha ha! 

Book of Mormon Central, The Interpreter Foundation, BMAF, and the now defunct F.A.R.M.S. etc. all started by LDS Members, plagiarized a FRAUD of a geography theory from the RLDS Church. And gullible members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, bought it.

That’s why images like this with Maya imagery exist in Church buildings, and sadly in Temples. Inspired by a fraud.



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4 minutes ago, Robert F. Smith said:

Still trolling on behalf of Mr Scratch, I see, Burnside.

Yes, the Book of Mormon Foundation in Independence, Missouri, does carry on the work of the earlier RLDS tradition of belief in the Book of Mormon, and they publish a regular magazine called The Witness (www.bomf.org ).

Ah, old Scatch is behind this? I miss that pervy weirdo. Oh wait, no I don’t.

To avoid derailing the thread I will sum up the OP of the thread:


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The BoM text does not allow for the final battles to be fought at the NY drumlin. For the Jaredites they speak of 2 million people having died near there. For the Nephites there were 240,000 that died on one side alone. The NY hill would never have been chosen by any competent military leader as a final defensive position. 

The artists rendition of Christ's appearance shows people dressed in many modes, few being anywhere near Mayan. The temple in the far background  looks like one at Tikal ,but having been there, I never saw any mountains looming high .

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Oh, you’re all so upset to discover The Two-Cumorah Mesoamerica Book of Mormon geography theory was started by the RLDS Church.

All because The LDS Church bought the Hill Cumorah in New York which irritated the RLDS Church, so they said the New York Hill wasn’t important. But none of you were bright enough to figure that out, were you? There was back in the day court challenges to the owners of Church property in the east after the Saints went to SLC.

How sad for you all.

  • People here on MormonDialogue can start discussions criticizing the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over it’s policies, doctrines and teachings.
  • They can complain about Pres. Nelson not being prophetic.
  • They complain and moan about The Church not accepting this or not agreeing with that worldy teaching.
  • But if one challenges or criticizes The Two-Cumorah Mesoamerica Geography Theory as coming form the RLDS Church, then you get banned, or at least your privilege to start new discussions is first taken away and the avility to add photos.
  • What a sorry saggy website. It engages in censorship.

Now your sadness will be over and you will no longer will have to be faced with reality and can you go back to your silly dreams of Mesoamerica and continue your 501(c)(3) business models with you’re outstretched hands begging for donations via a PayPal button.

Please send us money! We have to discover The Hill Cumorah in Mexico!”

Oh wait. It’s already been discovered. By the Buckner, MO Branch of The Community of Christ. http://hceti.org/

Notice the photo of the spring at The Hill Cumorah “South” on the last page of their Spring newsletter date March 2019: https://www.hillcumorahexpeditionteam.com/files/NewsletterVol13Issue1.pdf

They’re all set to discover Mormon’s Library in a cave in said hill. They just need to find the cave.

“The connections made with the land-owner at the stela mound were very cordial. The vision of what will be happening in the next year was shared and warmly welcomed. There was an air of mutual affinity between all parties as potentials were considered. The pres- ence of God’s Spirit was apparent as doors opened and pathways were creat- ed. The coming forth of Mormon’s library is eminent with a strange and marvelous work about to commence to be a catalyst for the latter-day harvest.” Page 4

These rec- ords will reveal what God has done and continues to do on a global scale for the salvation of man.
Will you please pray for us and the fulfillment of God’s purposes? We all play a part in this. A movement of uni- ty is taking place, and our humble pray- ers and loving embrace for all of God’s creation will assist in bringing His Kingdom into physical existence. The Kingdom of God is about to be made manifest on this Earth!! God bless, and endure to the end!“ Page 4

”The stage is now set for the people of the world to see. Who will be the individuals that will play the defining roles? Will it be HCETI? We don’t know the answer but we do know it will be the Lord’s choosing, not man. We just pray that we have done our part to put the pieces together to advance the knowledge to the world of who the Maya are and their testimony of the risen Savior. We know by prophecy contained in the Book of Mormon, that the records se- cured by Mormon in Hill Cumorah (southern Mexico) are a key to unlock- ing the mysteries of it all. The world will see. The world will know. But will the world believe? Hold on tight, it’s going to be an amazing journey.” Page 2

This is the garbage that Book of Mormon Central promotes.

Here Dr. John L. Sorenson, LDS,  makes clear he plagiarized the Two-Cumorah theory from RLDS Scholar, Louise E. Hills.

https://publications.mi.byu.edu/book/the-geography-of-book-of-mormon-events-a-sourcebook/ P. 32-33 of the .pdf document.

But you’re all too stupid to figure that out, aren’t you? EVEN WHEN YOU’RE SPOONFED with the knowledge.

https://publications.mi.byu.edu/publications/bookchapters/Geography_of_Book_of_Mormon_Events/Sorenson- The Geography of Book of Mormon Events, A Source Book, lo-res.pdf

Here’s an article from the Queztal Codex publication from BOMF.org, an RLDS publication quoting Sorenson.


and in this one Page 2:

“Finally, Louis Hills’ 1917 map of Mesoamerica compiled from the internal requirements of The Book of Mormon shifted the focus to a more limited geography in Mesoamerica, with the Isthmus of Tehuantepec identified as the Narrow Neck, a position accepted by most Book of Mormon scholars today (Sorenson 1992:32).”


I’ve found so much information that the Two-Cumorah Geography Theory was started by the RLDS and continues with it and is plagiarized by LDS Scholars that I could out-debate you intellectual cowards anytime. 

But no. You’re all scared of the TRUTH. You’d rather sit on this site and crack stupid jokes.

But when a newcomer arrives and turns your world inside out, you all whine like little babies, even when spoon fed. 

So remain ignorant, since you’re now responsible for your own learning.

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25 minutes ago, Burnside said:

But if one challenges or criticizes The Two-Cumorah Mesoamerica Geography Theory as coming form the RLDS Church, then you get banned, or at least your privilege to start new discussions is first taken away and the avility to add photos.

Perhaps if you would engage in discussion instead of ridicule.

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1 hour ago, Burnside said:

Oh, you’re all so upset to discover The Two-Cumorah Mesoamerica Book of Mormon geography theory was started by the RLDS Church.

Why would anyone be upset?  That would be like getting upset if one found out the Christus we use so much was originally made for a Lutheran church:



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It's a case of ad homen argument fallacy and makes the further mistake of not realizing those he raises aren't particularly disliked.

I'm at the stage of not really thinking this is even a real post. Seems like someone trolling but doing a caricature of how they think people argue. Doing it for the lols.

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