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Moving to Park City

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Hi!  My family is moving to Park City, UT in the near future and looking for a neighborhood with a strong LDS community.  I know that Park City overall is less Mormon then other cities in the state, but does anyone have recommendations for a neighborhood with a relatively tight-knight community where we will feel welcome?


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We left some 30 years ago now - cannot believe it has been that long - but have returned on visits and vacations. While we lived there we lived in two locations - downtown and then in Deer Valley. Of all the places we have lived, I still think of Deer Valley as one of our most favorites - Bellevue, WA is still probably our most favorite. We never felt uncomfortable with any of the people we met. I don't think I would be concerned too much about finding fellow members of the church - they will be there already - just find a place that is comfortable to you and your family. You will have a great time.

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I loved Park City, but it was a vacation visit so I don't know much about actually living there...  I think you can find the bishop(s) online, and find info about wards...  

from the beach on a cold, rainy day here on the Oregon coast...  GG

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On 3/6/2019 at 2:50 PM, Maryland Mom said:

Thanks - I know someone in that neighborhood but I get the feeling it isn't a warm, welcoming community where the kids bike to each others' homes.  But maybe I'm wrong. 

The thing about Park City is that it is very expensive.  It is a resort community, and growing rapidly. A wonderland for children.

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Hooray for a new adventure!  Park city is heavenly. 

We stayed at an air bnb in a community right next to park city- I believe it’s called Summit area.  It has a tricks bike park called Trailside, it’s AWESOME and the church building is at the foot of the bike park hill.  It’s one those fancy ones :D 

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