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I'm changing, I feel as if part of the old me is coming back.


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2 hours ago, poptart said:

I could feel life from the natural world around me.

Feels good, doesn't it when you wake up again.  I hope it happens often for you and never goes away.

I took a drug for three years that likely put me into a low level depression (Canada, I love you, but your doctors screwed me up big time).

After I came off of it (moved to the States, got on one that worked), I was taking a shower and suddenly realized I was enjoying the feel of water on my skin...something I have always loved and didn't realize I had lost.  It was as if I had been bubble wrapped for three years.  

Sometimes I wish I could have retained that moment of overwhelming sensation which was such a little thing, but so massive.  Now it is just another of those nice, little moments.  

Getting in the warm pool at physical therapy is still ecstasy though.

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I feel you poptart...I hope you can always go back to these kind of moments and realization.  It doesn't happen enough for me...but you have brought that feeling close to home and I thank you for that.

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