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Therapeutic Ministering


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   Ministering can be therapeutic for the self in many ways. And yelling can be therapeutic. Of course there is the spiritual satisfaction in and of itself. But last night I had the opportunity to visit and elderly brother who is even more hard of hearing than I am. We had a wonderful conversation talking, almost shouting at to each other as we got acquainted. For once the missionaries that I was going out with had nothing to say. One of them did offer a prayer but I did not understand it and I am sure my new friend did not either. But it was a really enjoyable visit. NowI have a mission to help him find funding for some hearing aids. If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them.


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1 minute ago, Raingirl said:

Olive Osmond Hearing Fund.  Found at hearingfund.org

I looked on the website. It appears to be geared to children, do you know? I think this is awesome and hoped it would help out Glenn's person's situation. 

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