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How do i gain accept from my family?


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I have recently been converted to LDS and everything went well till I told my parents about it. They can not accept my decision and are very disappointed and hateful. They say that Mormons are brainwashed people who try to decide on me and that Mormons are very old-fashioned and bad people. My mom said, that she would rather see me as drug addict than mormon. I am really sad about what they are thinking. I am so happy, that i decided to convert, but at the same time i am really sad about what my parents are thinking. What can i tell them to gain their accept, or at least gain their respect?


They have said things such as:

Mormons are bad people

It is nothing about christianity

You are disappointing your family

They will brainwash you, and you will be a bad person.

They even have another bible (obviously the book of mormon)

They are bad people who want to control your life.


Please what can i do? i can not describe how sad i am.


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The only thing you CAN do is be the best disciple of Jesus Christ that you can be.    Serve them.  Invite them to go with you to serve others.  Look for the good.  Positively reinforce everything they do that is praiseworthy or of good report.

If they were online about your baptism, they've been told all that stuff by former members.   They are simply going to have to see what your faith is about based on their eyes and experiences with the way you live it.

( I have a Christmas read/sing along program outline, you can PM me if you'd like to see it because you are considering inviting your family over for an evening to share the Christmas story with them.)

Be of good cheer.   It feels awful, and may get worse before it  gets better.   But it's going to be okay if you simply live your discipleship of Jesus Christ.

NOTE:  while you may want approval of your family, all you NEED is approval of your Heavenly Parents and your Savior, and They will freely give that to all of your efforts, as you get more experienced with following Them.

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Don't let the religious issue cause bad feelings between you and your family.  You can still have a good relationship with them even if their attitude about the church never softens.

It may be best to just not discuss the church at this time.  Given time, they'll see that it is only helping you to become a better person than you already are and not some brainwashed cultist.

You should think about any advice given, but go to the Lord in prayer to find out what you should do.  He knows you and your family better than any of us.

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3 hours ago, kcw0042 said:

With my family

How old are you if you don’t mind sharing?  (This relates to what options you might have, a teen is more limited usually in how they can influence discussions than someone older)

I assume you are an adult, but want to be sure. 

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Hello kcw... 

Welcome to the board... I'm so sorry about your family's feelings... please don't be discouraged...  the best thing you can do is simply live the gospel...  be cheerful and positive... "let your light shine" so to speak.  Also, there is a one-page document that I've provided to my family who questioned our doctrine about Christ (I'm the only member)... it is titled "The Living Christ" and should be available in your ward library... ask for it.  Then give it to your folks and tell them you just want them to know our teachings about our belief in and relationship to the Savior...

Study and learn what we actually believe not only for yourself but so you can answer questions or provide accurate information to your family if asked.  Don't argue or debate... they will soon see the positive effect the gospel has on us as members...

All good wishes... GG

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