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How could I forget?


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For a month I’ve had an old friends birthday event on my calendar.  It was RSVP dinner event, this evening.  We talked about it yesterday.  I mentioned it to my husband today day at 2.  

We went to the movies after work. 

I just got home, opened the fridge, and saw the invite.  And yelled. 

What is wrong with me? I feel awful.  Should I send my friends husband money for our dinner? Invite them out for an evening ?  I haven’t been social in months, I’m so swamped and my husband too.  Ugh I just feel awful :( I’m sure there was a good crowd there but still, I said I’d be there.  


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Yes, welcome to the world... I've done that type of thing.. in fact, just yesterday I called my doc's office and was apologizing profusely for missing my appt that day that I had just noticed on my calendar... the receptionist said... You don't have an appt today; we rescheduled for January... I didn't remember rescheduling...


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I once didn't show up for an RS activity that I was really looking forward to. Like you, I remembered just a few hours earlier. Later I mentioned this to someone and they said something about not forgetting things for which you make a priority.

So totally not true. I WANTED to go to it. Sometimes our brains do not cooperate.

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