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My six month old granddaughter is in great need of your prayers. She is very sick, very sick.

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My youngest son and his wife, who live with us, their six month old daughter is very sick, and has been to the hospital two times in a week. Finally growing tired of regular hospitals telling us. she, "she just has  virus", and sending her home. We finally took her the 50+ miles to a children's hospital who found out that she is very sick, and that it was not a virus, but a bad infection. Many here my remember Caleb, as I sought your advice when he was not sure if he wanted to go on a mission, due to your advice, (which I shared with him) and your prayers, he served a honorable mission. We gave her a blessing last night, but things only got worse, maybe due to the raging infection that went undiagnosed, or maybe due to doubts of mine, that God no longer hears me, but few do anymore. Heck, I wouldn't listen to me if I had a choice. 

Also, on many levels, I need prayer. I have had to endure two painful shots in my back, so I could finally be approved to have some nerves burned into. They do with with, (I think) a combination of electricity, and radio waves. They have done so in the past, so after about three weeks of (what can best be described as hell) they usually allow me to feel almost human for eight months to a year. Anyway, here's hoping it works. 

But, most of all, prayers for my granddaughter, to spare her such agony, and Mom, Dad, Nanny and Papa, the river of tears for and in behalf of her hurt we all feel. You who have children and grandchildren, you know you would give anything to feel their pain, even your life if necessary. 

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7 hours ago, Lucian Hodoboc said:

What illness do you suffer from? What type of injections are you getting every eight months?

I have a broken back, so before I can be approved for the nerves to be burned into, I have to have two shots (two weeks apart, due to swelling) to num them for a single day, sometimes two days, so I can get the eight months to a year relief. As for my illnesses, Sarcordosis, Diabities, heart problems (recent, very recent stints put in), and all the issues with diabities, I can barely walk anymore, and never without a cane. Also if I go shopping with the wife, only with motorized carts, and now having a wheelchair ramp being built. Other than this, life is great, not! But, I am still above ground. 

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6 hours ago, bluebell said:

Prayers for you and your granddaughter Papa!  It's so difficult when little ones are sick.

It is like having your heart ripped out repeatly, with every cry, and even more so with every scream. Not to mention every scream when needles are used for IV's.   

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