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Keeping the Sabbath in a part member family


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Not in a part member family myself, so just relaying what my friends did. 

Focus on building family feeling, whatever that might be, even if at times that made church come second  I had one friend who attended church mostly in winter and did family stuff on Sunday during summer because her husband was interested in getting out in good weather, but was okay with being on his own at home watching TV or sleeping in when colder.   Other families have rotated church attendance and family activities during the month.  Some go to the early Sac Meeting their chapel has just to receive the Sacrament  and then spend the rest of the day doing what other family members want.

And I think family focus works well with the direction the Church is moving going to two hours so that more time is spent with family.  Like ministering needs to be adapted to the needs of those you minister to—-so teach if asked, serve if needed, have fun with if that is what they want most——family “study” can be a wide variety of things, including being the best example of loving each other as a child of God you can be. 

You can set aside personal time to do something that helps you feel closer to God on the Sabbath, including personal gospel study. 

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