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Happy Thanksgiving


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Happy Thanksgiving to all!!  So grateful this year for so many things...like that I still have memories..and that my children are well and progressing each day in their life goals and achievements.  So many priorities have changed for me.  The importance of staying optimistic in my sometimes aloneness..and my faith in human beings in general still hold that there is good in all of us.  So grateful for our veterans...for those in service now and their wonderful families.

The coming year brings me face to face with different challenges and I have hope that I will grow....with laughter...and even greater appreciation for patience in others teaching me. 

Grateful for the Savior...that when in need I can talk to Him and my Father.  I need to find again the desires and hopes that he has for me here and now.  To both my Mothers in Heaven...OH...that I could love and have those talents that would enhance all the people I love...as you two.  My heart is filled with grateful knowledge that both of you are at my side...my earthly mothers quiet humility...and my Heavenly Mothers desire to show me that she loves me and wants to know me. 

So grateful for the warmth of my home...not fancy...not huge...just home.  My refrigerator is full...I have water...a way to communicate..and that I have a way to hear the music in the world.

Love to all.

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