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Associated Press Refuses to Stop Using "Mormon"


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20 minutes ago, valoreib said:

A rather childish and pointless article.  What reason would any of us have to expect the AP to obey the dictates of any specific religious leader or doctrine or religious style guide?  Non-Mormons immediately began using the nickname "Mormons" or "Mormonites" right from the beginning of publication of the Book of Mormon, and have been using that convenient moniker ever since.  Mormons themselves adopted the same moniker as a badge of honor.  Short names are convenient -- Hutterites, Amish, Mennonites, Methodists. Lutherans, Presbyterians, Catholics, Jews, etc., are all short and to the point.  The secular world is unlikely to abandon what is a very sensible approach to identifying various religious groups.

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I do not wish to get into an argument debate over how some media outlets may not respect the wishes of the leaders of the church on this (or any other matter). President Nelson noted in his speech that "Responsible media will be sympathetic in responding to our request." As Robert F. Smith noted in an an earlier post the name Mormon and Mormonite were applied to early members of the church initially by media outlets of the day most of which were not respectful at all. I am not going to worry about them, but I am going to strive adhere to President Nelson's request.


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