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Maiden names are listed on the membership record I believe. If she just went inactive, her membership is no doubt still shown as active but location unknown. 

She could meet with the missionaries and explain what you just did and they'd be happy to go through the lessons with her and invite her to Church.

The Church may or may not catch the lie about her name - God would though and I'm pretty sure He wants her back.

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That "would they be able to find out?" seems rather ambiguous.  Either, "could I sneak my membership status past them?" or "would they recognize and welcome me?"  I'd prefer to believe she looks for a "Welcome home!"

She could just show up at her local ward (she could check Meetinghouse Locator to find out what ward she is within the boundaries of), and identify herself to the bishop.  Like @mnn727 says, the Lord would welcome her return!



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