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Administering the Sacrament in Special Circumstances


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On 9/9/2018 at 7:46 PM, MorningStar said:

One of my sons recently became a priest and he told me he was going to bless the sacrament at someone's home. This man has an inoperable throat tumor and hasn't been able to talk or eat for months, so I asked, "How does he take the sacrament?" 

Turns out he puts it in a blender with water and it goes in his feeding tube. Can you imagine? My heart is breaking for his family.  He had a very close call a couple weeks ago and the next time he goes to the hospital, he won't be coming back. He and his wife have 5 kids. I recently got to take three of them swimming and their kindergartener talked matter-of-fact about his dad having trouble breathing and sometimes bleeding from his mouth. The dad still cooks for his kids while his wife is working even though he can't eat. They're both working so hard to get through this awful time. :( 

My kids have gotten to spend time with them and I'm sure their example will make a lasting impression in many ways. I'm glad my son was able to serve them today. 

I took the Sacrament to a paraplegic brother in a ward I was in many years ago.

We had to put the bread and straw from the water in his mouth.

Makes one appreciate what we truly have.

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