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Therapy and support groups?


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Thought I'd ask here, anyone have some advice for therapy and support groups?  I tried going to my old therapist a few times earlier this year and they kept having billing issues with medicaid, last time in April I had it and just walked out.  Pretty sure they called the cops thinking I was a threat so out of disgust I said forget it.  Well, things are getting bad and I may need to do something.  Anyone have advice they can give me?  Would appreciate it.

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I don't know what kind of therapy you think you need, but cognitive behavior therapy is research proven for anxiety and teen depression, and successfully used for a number of other conditions.   Lots of therapists claim they do it, but few do it with fidelity.   If you have access to a university granting psychology majors, there is probably a sliding fee clinic.   If you cannot find it or afford it, then consider doing it online.   One free place is http://ecouch.anu.edu.au/    

You can also get exercises in a book called "Feeling Good" by David Burns  (he has several: I think this is his most recent and one that lay people say they find useful.)

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Read aloud at least 100 affirmations in front of the mirror, twice a day.

Write down what you want as if it's already happened.

Not kidding.

Eating plenty of fruits and veggies, every day, plus exercising will also help.

Rhodesia is an herbal remedy for depression (not MDD but lesser variants).

Medicaid compensates doctors at btw 30-40% of their normal rate. To overcome the access problem, perhaps try meetign with a doctor in your network, who is located in an area with fewer people on Medicaid?



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