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Prayers for Papa's Family

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My Daughter-in-law and my youngest son, Caleb Lee are expecting their first child, and Nanny and Papa's 9th grandchild. Many may remember Caleb (not the Caleb Lee, from Dallas GA, on American Idol) although same city and first and middle name. Caleb is the son that many helped with advice through your comments in serving a mission four years ago. 

Anyway, my Daughter-in-law has been under a lot of stress. Her Father was killed in a similar-truck accident in Nebraska just last month, and she was unable to make the trip to his funeral in Idaho Falls, last month. Now the Doctors have other concerns, and have decided to induce labor next Thursday, May 24, if she has not delivered. If that does not work then she will have to have a C-Section. 

Please be in prayer for her during the coming week.


Love, Papa   

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