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2 hours ago, ElPatron said:

Several years ago, I was ordained a High Priest. One day, flippantly, I made a comment to my wife that basically went something like this...."you know what the best thing about being ordained a High Priest is? Not being called as an Elders Quorum President again." Well guess who was called as the EQ President last night. Well played President Nelson....well played.

:DWhat a hoot! 

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My condolences.  At least that's something I'll never have to worry about.  I'm pretty confident I'll never have to sit in the hotseat ever again.  So many have strange ideas about Freemasonry where I live, and still think the position of the Church toward Masons in Church leadership callings is the same as it was before 1984, that no one even thinks to put my name up for prayer!  It's been over a decade since I've held any leadership calling in a Ward since I've moved where I have. Seems pretty foolproof so far!  :ph34r:

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