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Land of Zarahemla found?


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This newly found civilization though has been dated to later than 400 AD.   So it couldn't have been a BofM people (does suggest that it may have been easy to replace those millions we read about being destroyed in the last battle).

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The Nephites perished around 400 AD but the Lamanites didn't. so no the timeline is not incompatible.

However my point was actually for all the critics that say there was no big civilization in the Americas at that time other than the Aztecs, well, nobody knew about these  people until a year ago.

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Cool.  But the title was click bait.  :P

Seriously though, not going to be Zarahemla, or Book of Mormon related.  Zarahemla ceased to be a Nephite city long before Mormon composed the book.  It's also a bit late in time and remote for location.

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On 27/03/2018 at 5:50 PM, mnn727 said:

Modern Archeology and mapping techniques have recently found a South American culture of over 1 million people that they never knew existed before:




The book 1491 by Charles C. Mann delves into the evidence for those huge Amazonian tribes, and came to the conclusion that there was WAY more than 1 million.  I have read his book several times, and it is very interesting.

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