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Someone used our info to get a moving quote, how to take our name off the list


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I called one of the companies and since it is not under our name and likely just a typo or someone who didn't want to be called so he used someone else's number, he couldn't find it...besides they probably won't call again hopefully.  However, he informed me all these companies pull it off the Internet so we could have tons more calling...including two at 7 am this morning...I didn't get to sleep until 4, but have to leave my phone on for emergency calls from my mom and Life Alert (just in case).

Besides blocking them after the fact, anyone know how to go online and get a name removed from lists like this?

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Thanks...need that for other calls as well.  Was on one over a decade ago, but doubt it lasts forever. Ps: it does, but either different list or it was under husband's email

got called again and this time they asked for the guy by name, so I may call him if it happens again and see if he can change it.  Not sure it would make a difference, but who knows.

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