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Mysterious lights over Queen Creek?


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I'm in the same county as Queen Creek. When we first moved here in 2002, I thought I had actually seen UFOs. Turns out, we are close to the Goldwater Bombing Range, and a lot of these sightings come from there. They have giant flares hung from balloons, which look like UFOs. They are *really* bright, and just stay in the air (because of the balloons), and really light up the night sky. 

It was really cool to see Warthog tank killers practice dive bombing, and then rocketing up and away! :) This was on the bus to play Ajo in baseball.

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On 12/20/2017 at 4:16 PM, pogi said:

Those darn Mormons and their aliens!

We are the only Christian church which that I am aware of which officially declares a belief in alien beings from other planets, as mentioned in our scriptures. 

No, there are other Christian faiths almost as weird as ours.

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