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I need a cheap laptop, stat


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The problem is I don't have a clue what to get. Will windows 10 be compatible with my windows 7 weather program? It's zyGrib. win-6.1.1 I'll use it for weather, internet/banking, a burner is a plus but not necessary. Long battery life and lightweight are pluses. I hate learning new programs.

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Don't know if that specific program will work with Win10, but there are plenty of weather programs that will. Few laptops have burners these days. Internet and banking will work on any computer.

You could probably get a reconditioned off lease computer from Dell or off of ebay that has Win7 on it.

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We had an ASUS a few years ago and it worked great.  I typed hundreds of pages on it over the course of two years getting my degree and had no complaints.  It was still working good 3 years after we got it.

I think in 2010 it cost around $350 if i remember right.  It came with windows.

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I really like my cheap  15 in Asus but it doesn't have a lot of storage capacity.....lightweight, good battery. I got it for travel but it is the only thing I use now.  Also, after getting a bigger laptop at Costco, I'll always buy from Microsoft store now. They don't have a big selection but no bloatware. The Asus was faster than the one with more power, storage, everything...including bloatware. 

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Most laptops come without burners, as mnn727 said, but there are plenty of cheap external disc drives out there that are powered by the USB port.  This is the one I bought for my ASUS:


I bought my ASUS from Best Buy, but as Juliann said, the Microsoft Store provides good selections. I've used Dell and HP in times past, but I've had the best results from ASUS. The MS store has a special on a smaller ASUS, the "ASUS Transformer Mini T102HA-C4-GR Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC" -- not sure what the US price is (I'm in the UK right now and the price I see is 249 GBP), but it's probably around $300.

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