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Reaching out to less actives


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One of the children in my primary class is less active. I've been reading a lot about our responsibility as teachers to read out to our students who are less active. I'm still gathering information about the family since obviously I would be reaching out to the family and not just the child. I know father has some issues with the church mother and at least one of the children come from time to time.

Have any of you had any luck reading out to less actives? What did you find helpful?

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4 minutes ago, Duncan said:

Don't go in with pre conceived notions. Don't be afraid but be nice, unless they are psychotic weirdos then you shouldn't have too many problems

Ive been feeling prompted to write a letter. Talked with the bishop and he suggested a similar approach. Along with a few other action items.

I'm probably going to write this weekend.

But I'm trying to go through everything in my mind. Thought bouncing ideas off you guys might help

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I routinely for all children who are not in class, write something up about the lesson on a postcard and send it to them after the class they miss.   I make it something that is positive and uplifting, and based on the bible.    That way a child doesn't feel singled out as a "less active" .     Sometimes I call the parent and ask them if the child has any unmet needs that discourage them from attending that I might help with, but usually that is only if I feel inspired to do it.   I also ask my students if they seek the child at school and if they are going out of their way to smile and be nice to them and their friends.

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