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Gospel of Mark event in Logan


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Hi everyone. I apologize for the short notice, but I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow, November 4, from 10 am to 3 pm, at the USU Newman Center (795 North 800 East in Logan), there will be a wonderful workshop on the Gospel of Mark. The event is being hosted by Theology on Tap - Logan. More information on John Burnett, the person running the workshop, can be found here: http://gospelofmarkworkshop.com/

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Hi Robert,

I don't know anything more than what is laid out on the website I linked, but that seems to imply that the speaker/teacher of this workshop seeks to convey to the listener that Mark is much more meaningful and intricate than is often believed. 

From the website:


First of all, the story that Mark was telling seemed to be just an aimless pile of paragraphs with no structure or plot. As one who has read a lot of books in his day, Mr Burnett knew that no one writes a story like that, so the fault had to be his own for not seeing it, not Mark’s for not telling it. Furthermore, as one who had worked for some years in an auto shop, he knew that understanding something means knowing how it works.

So, in literary terms, he saw that he needed to understand Mark’s whole story in terms of its structure and plot. And always, of course, to know more about its historical context.

Secondly, he understood that you can’t “evangelize” an oral culture if you can’t tell a good story— and who doesn’t live in an oral culture anymore, in this age of digital media? That’s why the Western academic model was failing the African church— we weren’t telling The Story. But was Mark even a good story? And even if it was, haven’t we heard it so many times that it no longer moves us?

But Mr Burnett also recognized that he didn’t understand the differencebetween Mark and Matthew or Luke. He didn’t know the particular story Mark was telling or those of Matthew and Luke for that matter!

So, it seemed that understanding and telling Mark’s story as a storywould give him that connection with Mark that he was looking for, amd might also resolve the problem of the educational model too— if Mark’s story had enough mojo left after hearing it all before!

So the first challenge was to understand it whole, not just in disconnected pieces, as we usually do if we read it, say, following the church calendar.

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