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Is Lying OK?


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Yes, No, or Other?

If other, please post your explanation below.

Anonymous Mod claims:

Yes you were banned and you are permanently restricted under this name. It is never a winning idea to take on the identity of a person revered by Mormons to attack Mormons.

Sentence two turns out to be, sad to say, a lie.  That is, an expression of an untruth.  So, CFR.  I officially Call for References for this libelous smear. 

The lie you tell is this:

I did not "take on the identity of a person revered by Mormons to attack Mormons." The lie is false on two levels.  Truth: I choose as my avatar (many years ago and without objection over those years from the mods nor anyone else) to honor a man who I revere, respect, and share .  Second Truth: I do not attack Mormons.  I am a Mormon (obviously).  I stand for and defend Mormon values, Mormon doctrine, Mormon truth, and the LDS Church.  Also, by the way, unlike 99% of the posters on this board: I stand by the Mormon leaders, the prophets and apostles, I try to not condemn or criticize their actions and statements, I believe they see and speak with God who does in reality guide his Church through them and I back them up and support them.  Their mission is my mission.  My alignment may not be perfect, but to the best of my ability I am unified with them. 

I have been a member here since, what, 2006?  2004?  Earlier?  No way to tell, as the board's changed domains and databases.  You can see my account page here:


See any rule-breaking or "attacking" posts or pattern of posts?  No?  Neither do I.  Closest thing to an attack was some too-harsh words regarding a suggestion of cdowis, for which I took responsibility and which was certainly not the reason for the ban.  You will, in fact, see me behaving very civilly and kindly towards some people very vitriolically and hatefully attacking me, quietly letting their attacks stand, making no attempt to contradict or to defend myself.  Of course, you don't see all my posts, as there were hundreds made back on mormonapologetics.org before the move that are now unsearchable.  If you could see them, you would see many posts exploring and pondering theological issues, defending the truth of the LDS Church, defending the good name of past prophets and apostles, and, an especial passion of mine: defending the Book of Mormon.

It is very clear, I'm sure, to everyone exactly why I was banned:

Expressing sympathy for and alignment with the alt-right.  And, of course, in the boundlessly self-righteous and censorious minds of the left:

"That's Racist!"

I bring you news, though, which you may find distressing: there are, at minimum, hundreds of thousands of good, active Church members in the United States who sympathize and, to varying extents, align with the alt-right.  And there are millions of Saints who voted for the alt-right candidate.  Mormons voted for Trump in overwhelming numbers, more than evangelicals, more than any other religious group in the US for which we have numbers.  70% or something. 


Many of those did so unenthusiastically, true.  But, many others of us did so because we do want illegal immigrants deported, we do want the laws of the land to be enforced, we do believe in the ideals and the heritage of this land of ours, which we love, and we do believe that maybe, with a lot of work, America could be made to be great again.  You want to ban all of us?  It might get to be a pretty quiet forum (of course, it has become so already).  Just non-typical members, "loyal opposition," and Nehors debating about who is more virtuously leftist.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up.  God is real, He does have prophets, He does have a Church, the LDS Church, and I do not attack that Church, its leaders, its doctrine, nor even its random anonymous internet lay members, even when they are attacking me.  Note, in this post I am not attacking the mods.  I express only respect and gratitude for the mods in doing work to do their best in a project which they believe (at least the mods who are members of the Church probably believe) is furthering the work of the Lord.  That one particular statement that was written about me just happens to be untrue.

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