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Artifacts found in Manti cave?


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MANTI—Artifacts discovered in a cave behind the Manti LDS Temple may have been left there by an ancient people that figure significantly in the history of the American continent as believed by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,  woman asserts, despite academic non-consensus about the origins of the items.
Utahna Jessop, a field researcher and teacher with the Ancient Historical Research Association, presented her ideas at a presentation delivered at Manti City Hall on Sept. 20. Jessop said believed that a cave full of Indigenous American artifacts found by John Brewer in 1955 was actually a repository and tomb for ancient Jaredites, a people mentioned in the Book of Mormon, a piece of scripture for Latter-day Saints.
Despite the lack of certain items purportedly left in the cave , and despite conflicting conclusions by scholars, which include a charge of possible forgery, Jessup says she hopes parts of the story may still be shown to be true. 
“I’m a born skeptic myself, so I approach this whole thing with an attitude of ‘Oh, I’m not too sure about that,’” Jessop said. “But the more I studied, the more I saw that, ‘How can you refute it now, when we have actual scientific testing done, what can you say?’ Now, granted, it would help a lot if we could find the cave, if we could find the bodies, and then we’ll know for positive sure. What to say to the skeptics? ‘Do your research.’”

Most likely this is fraudulent but interesting nevertheless. 

Historian hopes there is truth to story of Book of Mormon-era artifacts found in Manti cave

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21 minutes ago, JAHS said:


Most likely this is fraudulent but interesting nevertheless. 

Historian hopes there is truth to story of Book of Mormon-era artifacts found in Manti cave

Interesting? We have no tools, no brass bells, no 8 foot tall blonde mummies, nothing but a story from some guy. Oh, and a piece of metal shown to be recent and a piece of bark from a very old tree. If these things are really in a Manti cave that is accessible, where are they? Every archaeologist in the United States should be pursuing this if there is even a chance that these things are actually there. I suspect the report of 8 foot tall mummies is the first clue that this is a hoax. :) 

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Utahna is quite the name.

She's apparently been making this same presentation for a while.


No mention of any academic qualifications.  10 kids though.
Isn't google fun?

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So the only positive scientific testing was of the bark that allegedly is of around 350 BC, what kind of tree was it?  That is something he would likely be able to pick up somewhere.

Otoh, the metal record was tested and proved a forgery, the record would be something more unique and definitely not something one could come across except for a similarly ancient site.  Why a forgery of that if it was a real site for the bark?

Where is the bark these days?

"Jessop cited a meeting between Brewer and LDS general authorities, including Apostle Mark E. Peterson, from which Jessop reported they verified Brewer’s claims and started plans to have the cave excavated by archaeologists working for BYU."

And yet nothing happened and no mention of this besides from Brewer, I bet.

"Ancient Historical Research Association":  google shows one hit for this, this report...probably a typo and meant to be Foundation

Field researcher for Ancient American Magazine.  In their bookstore, I see Wayne May (plagiarized another's theories and presents forgeries as actual artifacts), Taylor Hansen (nonacademic collection of Christ in America mythology, claimed to be an archeologist but was not  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._Taylor_Hansen ), and a book claiming giant skeletons in Ohio were  both CroMagnon (who were on average around 5'10"...not exactly gigantic heights as the author claims) and the source of the Nephilim myths, and View of the Hebrews.

Her name comes up once in a search on their website, btw the search engine was defunct 3 years ago, but they have apparently ignored the notice.

I am not impressed with her skepticism.

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"Societal biases, personal agendas among the academic community and layman alike, disinformation, and misinformation have had a tremendous influence on the way humans in general view the past.  Our goal is to discover the truth, where ever it may lead ..."

Never terribly impressed with sites that start out with this type of emphasis.


"KANAB, Kane County – For 100 years, locals have believed Montezuma’s treasure lies at the end of a tunnel below Three Lakes pond in Kanab, Utah. Now, filmmakers hope to discover just what is there."

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