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Church self reliance courses

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Ive been looking for a job at a firm for over two years. Talked to the bishop last month and he invited me to come to the stake self reliance course.

I went there expecting to do job hunting. I was the only one there for that so my wife and I decided I should do the business start up one. If I can't find a job just create one right?

So I've been acting in faith to do the thins they encourage. We are doing week threes action items. I met an attorney last week at a social and felt prompted to ask her if she knew anyone I could talk to about starting a firm which is one of the action items.

Met with the firm today. Its not set in stone but I may be hired for more money then I've ever imagined. 

The Lord is awesome. I plan on finishing the course regardless. I am really wanting to take the finance one later. I highly recommend taking them I'd you are willing to put in the effort and act in faith


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I heard about a "new self reliance program" just because I'm on a stake committee and the stake presidency counselor over it mentioned that they just found out about it. I also heard about that much info here, but I have not heard anything more. Would explain more about what it is please?

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12 minutes ago, Calm said:

Wow....between this and Pathways, the Church is really trying to make it possible for its members to have decent lives:


Don't know if this has anything to do with the topic, but the Church is making use of technology in pretty much every way I can think of besides a complete meetinghouse library database.

When my husband lost his job he went to the employment center and find the resources excellent.  He occasionally interviewed people looking for jobs. He recognized when he went through their excelerated job search program that the best interviewie that he had, had learned some of the techniques from the church program. 

Some of the stuff they spoke about didn't quite fit him in his field, but what did really helped him.  He also got a lot of support from the others in the group looking for work.  

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