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When prayer is not enough, A Place Where Service is the only Answer.

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It is now becoming very clear, that tragedies over the last "30 days" have been catastrophic. There are indeed "signs and wonders, in the heavens", appearing nightly, as agreed upon by Jewish and Biblical Scholars. The alignment of stars, sun, moon and planta. We as a Church are great at praying, but even greater at serving. 

However, that wonderful model sending supplies, but more so to give service. With the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, we are looking at is a calamity, the break down in civility, society and is causing missionaries who (who are young and strong) would have loved to help those who they have already. Now, many of the 55 missionaries are now in my missions, the "North Atlanta Mission", almost doubling in size over night.  Unlike other disasters, where such areas can be reached by driving there and giving of their time. I have some friends there who I can't get in touch with. 

In an event, those of us, if strong enough would be willing to do so. Due to wide spread panic,, people from U.S. are being warned about stocking a boat and going down, as the boat my be stolen out of desperation.  Can't fly in members, if so we solid plans on how to get them back. Supply drops are great, but depending of the mood or level of panic, it can cause death. Many of the young and elderly must go without medical care, shelf life of meds is almost of no use, without refrigeration, or air conditioning.

I am looking forward when we have special fasts, and asked to donate via Fast Offerings.Every moment the horror grows, where so many will die either of hunger or violence. Not to mention all other works in life. They are all out of jobs, and will have to find a way to the U.S., the amount of word needing to be done requires electrical  power, the Power Company" are a very corupt is teriable, which will probably cause even greater delay. Should we pary, by all means, but it is doing to take every abler body to give of their time and selves, to put back an entire Island. 


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