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General Conference MoTab music list


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2017 Octobert General Conference 

Sat. AM session 
HB119 Come, We That Love The Lord (1,4)              
      Arise, O God, and Shine                         
      God Bless Our Prophet Dear 
HB5   High on the Mountain Top (congregational hymn) 
      Faith in Every Footstep                         

Sat. PM session  --  unknown 

Sun. AM session 
HB72  Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (1,4)         
       Press Forward, Saints                           
       Consider the Lilies of the Field               
HB67  Glory to God on High (congregational hymn)  
       Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd 
       I Believe in Christ                            

Sun. PM session 
       Come, O Thou King of Kings 
       Have I Done Any Good? 
HB3   Now Let Us Rejoice (congregational hymn) 
       If the Savior Stood Beside Me                  
HB7   Israel, Israel God is Calling 

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