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Preparing for Irma, schools already being closed.

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Dispite living just outside Atlanta, this storm is so big, that soon the outer bands will reach us. All of the really big, (and I mean big) trees are to the South and East of our home. Of course this is not the best place to be, but we don't have to fear flooding at least. Most all of the schools in Georgia have already announced they will be closing Monday and Tuesday, including the schools in this county, where all of my grandchildren attend. If the wind gets to bad, we can drive down to the middle of our yard and avoid any falling trees. 

Please be in prayer for my entire family, as I have already been praying for those already experiencing this "Perfect Storm". It is hard to believe what is coming, as today is a beautiful day, with lower temps, and the breezes that are already spinning counter clockwise. There is so much going on, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, in so many places. I pray that we all remain safe. 

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