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Is "Papa" a mean or angry man?

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Recently I commented about something on Facebook. I was pointing out, or trying to speak against so very harsh, comments persons of color. Of course many of those who were lashing out about different issues, said that I suffered from "white guilt" (which I don't) and then said that despite my mean or angry looking photo, that I was just a coward. 

The picture that is one my Facebook page is the same one on my account here. I use it because my wife took it during a windy day, and the flag was flying behind me, and she loves the picture. On that day I was not angry and certainly not trying to be mean. It is just a picture, and I certainly would not wish to reflect someone who is angry or mean. 

So, my friends is "Papa" mean? :) I was in the Army for 8 years, and in Law Enforcement for another 23 years. I know I am a deliberate man, to be sure, but never considered myself mean or angry. 

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