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6 hours ago, rongo said:

Speaking of running into things over and over . . .

At the end of "The Getaway," when they escape to Mexico, they are given a ride by a folksy cowboy guy. The actor's name is Slim Pickens. After we saw "The Getaway," we kept seeing Slim Pickens in movies. It's kind of a hard name to miss. ;) 

I find that when I learn a new word, it crops up over and over in my reading and in the media. I'm not sure if it's because I now notice it, or if it's just a magical/mystical thing, but it seems like it's always that way.

As far as your question in the OP, I think it's a sign for you to come back . . . ;)   Just kidding, but I'm sure that God and we would be happy to have you back. You could call your next book "Heaven Back Here." :) 

Slim Pickens bull riding the first nuke to start World War III in the wonderful  strange movie "Dr, Strangelove" from the early '60's.  Cult classic  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Strangelove

He's been around a while.

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8 hours ago, jkwilliams said:

I'm definitely a cultural Mormon. I still like BYU sports, even.

Don't worry, John.  You can always repent. :D:rofl::D 

(Good to see you. :D)

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21 hours ago, jkwilliams said:

Not sure the church should be proud of making me. :P

That would not be so bad. Besides what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :vava:

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On 8/29/2017 at 8:59 AM, CA Steve said:

It must be talking to me too. Last night one of the Jeopardy questions featured a photo of the SLC temple with the answer being "Who are the Mormons." That was the only answer (question?) I got right all night.

Good to hear from you.

I'm a Jeopardy fan, and they quite often have a "Mormon" question in one of the categories... 

And jkWilliams, during my years of inactivity, the Spirit would tug at me from time to time in numerous ways... I finally gave in and reactivated 22 years ago, and have never looked back... 


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