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Updated Report on Injured Granddaughter, her progress.

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59 minutes ago, Bill "Papa" Lee said:

Three weeks ago today, I asked for the prayers for my granddaughters who were in a serious auto accident. One Garanddaughter was life flighted to an Atlanta children's hospital, the other to the same by ambulance. On that day, the first two Priesthood holders, my son-in-law and his brother arrived and blessed both children. The youngest, Rebekah Ann, had a concussion and a bleed on the brain, and torn spleen. Upon her release my Son and his wife were told that she would need Physical and Speech therapy. Although she does not remember the accident, when they came over that Sunday for supper, I sat down with her, spoke with her and held her hand as she walked. I told my son, that she will be alright, but there were still some words and actions she could not do. She got better each day, but early this week she had her first appointment for therapy. The therapist when my son arrived, asked how her sister was doing, because she knew that both girls were in the accident, and asked "is Rebekah was on the way up with her mom"? 

When my son told her that this was Rebekah, she was shocked, and said "this is not at all what I expected, having read her hospital records". So she spent an hour speaking with Rebekah and checking out any physical issues. When she was done, she told my son that "there is no reason to return, there is nothing wrong with this baby". 

She will begin school on Tuesday,  (Kindergarten) without delay, she is healed and made whole. I am so grateful that both of my babies were blessed by the Priesthood and for each of the prayers in numerous Satetes and Temples thanks to all of you. God bless you all my friends! 


That is so sweetly wonderful to hear, PaPa.

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19 minutes ago, Calm said:

That is so sweetly wonderful to hear, PaPa.

It is wonderful, had to go back a spell "States" correctly...embarrassing. :( 

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7 hours ago, bluebell said:

That is wonderful news!!

Yes it is, she was already bashful, so we all feared any late start to school. But did not her being stressed out having not gotten through therapy. Now that they will be no therapy, it is a double bonus. All I know is her parents are happy (thrilled) and Nanny and Papa are all the more overjoyed, for the joy we feel, then the joy that my children feel (Joshua and Ashley) and that is a great blessing, and the grandbabies are OK. 

Just as every parent or grandparent knows, when it is you hurting you can take it, but when it a child or grandchild hurting, there is nothing you would not do to end it. Even if you had to take upon yourself, we would do it in an instant. Parenting and grandpa renting is a great way for us all to understand the Love that Jesus Christ, who suffered for us, just as we would for those we love. 

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