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Need Something That Records Great Video

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Any experts out there?  My tablet won't restart and that's what I use for my YouTube channel, plus to communicate with people wherever I have WiFi available.  I don't have a cell phone because a monthly plan would be hard to afford at this point.  People ask me to live stream, but my tablet didn't seem to be capable of doing that, which was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.  For certain types of videos, I have to be able to quickly pull out a recording device, so I don't want anything bulky like a fancy $600+ camera.  I have considered getting a cell phone and not activating it.  

Anyway, can any of you recommend something that takes great video and might have the capability of livestreaming too?  I would need something that does selfie mode well.  Thanks!  I'm making a little bit on YouTube, but not enough to justify certain expenses yet.  :)  

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This is a cell phone, but I absolutely love my LGV10.  I did pay a pretty penny for it, but only because I don't have good credit.  I do pay a decent amount on monthly fee as well.  However, again, I *love* it for video-ing.  I asked at my cell phone store what was the best for video, and they gave me this.  I love the video quality.  I love the audio quality, I don't need an extra mic for relatively close recording. The phone has room for hours of video, plus room for an extra memory 'card' for hours more.  The battery also lasts through 2-3 hours or more of video taping.  I haven't done FB live streaming with it, and I haven't uploaded to YouTube with it, so not sure on that--although I am connected to FB on it and am always uploading normal photos to FB and I think I can just push a button for livestreaming, just haven't had a reason to yet.  I normally copy the phone files to my PC for editing and uploading to YouTube or my other video hosting company I use.  The LGV10 is an android (google) phone.  I do have youtube on the phone also, but not sure if it's just watching or I can get into my channel, just never tried it.

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Trying to figure out this live stream thing, so I could advise, I installed Periscope on my Android smartphone (using my FB login), and fired it up.  I immediately acquired two or three watchers, even though I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  So I quit the app and uninstalled it.  I am obviously clueless!

But Periscope doesn't seem to stream to YouTube, so there we are.

Anyway, try this video, it seems to instruct on how to livestream to YouTube, but I don't know if it tells you enough to get you started, on a smartphone for example.

EXCEPT: I just watched the first part of it, and YT requires you to have 10K subscribers before you can use it -- and I know you don't have that many yet!



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OK, I forgot that your original question had to do with a video recording device, not just livestreaming.

I've used my Samsung Galaxy Express for videoing and it is OK, with a 1080x720 video output.  I bought it for something like $80 at an AT&T store. You can get them on Amazon, too, unlocked: Samsung Galaxy Express. It only comes with 8GB, so you'd want to put an MicroSD card in there.  I really like mine.  It's very similar to the ones that Wendy and I use in the UK (also Samsungs).  

As an example of what I've recorded with it, you can view this video on my YouTube channel.  This was just something I recorded while I was wandering around the Capital Mall in Olympia one day.

Seattle Live Band



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Thanks for the tips!  I think the 10,000 rule must have changed because I have a friend who did a livestream and she has just over 1,000.  It's not something I want to do on a regular basis, but it might be something fun to do when I celebrate 5,000, which will probably happen in a couple weeks.  

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I ended up getting another Samsung because phones are crazy expensive!  I don't get why.  I discovered I can also buy a tripod that will work for it instead of finding creative ways to set it up.  :D  Thanks again for the suggestions!  The guy at Best Buy asked why I didn't just get a camera and I explained it's because the battery died way too quickly for some of my videos, plus I don't have a cell phone and having a tablet at least gave me a way to communicate when I'm away and locate free WiFi.  

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